Thursday, December 16, 2010

2nd day of work

Well, Well, Well
Here come s my second day of work
Everything seems to be as usual
Today, I will be emphasizing more on the working culture there
First, I would like to mention on their rules and regulations whereby safety rule is important while working.
If you don't comply to the rule, you will be inviting love letter from HR to warn you and subsequently fire you
Second, I would like to mention about their low power distance there
Although it seems that there are bosses and supervisors just as similar as other corporates, those people in that position seems to be helpful and friendly
The best thing is that you can just call them by their first name instead of using madam and sir
Third, we are allowed to wear smart casual by tomorrow and this comes with the benefits of having 2 hours lunch break which is totally cool for all of the employees there including me as the small intern there for 2 months
Forth, the superiors really have great patience and understanding on their staff
Before assigning real task, they are willing to repeat over and over again just to make things right until I fully understand the proper way to get the job done!!!
Finally, I have a great lunch with people from different department (HR).
Though I dont really know them, they are willing to share their sit for me and talk to me about their tasks and of course with some ice breaking self introduction
Haha, I certainly hope everyday will be as just nice as today, looking forward for tomorrow
May the luck be with me to give me guidance as I am really afraid that I cant handle well the tasks assigned to me XD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First day of work

A guy who never wake up early finally take his initiative to discipline himself to wake up on 6am
A guy who never have the guts to talk with strangers finally make his move to initiate conversation
Although its just a small achievement in the beginning, he always like to share with other people and 'LanC'
He attempts to show his very best to other people but in the end he shows his very worst to people
He always like to do unnecessary explanation by giving more reasons and excuses to free himself from guiltiness
People look at him as an irritating, immature guy
People who are used to look up on his potential are extremely disappointed with his behavior
So today he blogs to tell himself to improve his future although he knows that it is difficult to change his bad attitudes cultivated from his background
He also tells himself for not discriminating others as he knows the implications of the actions
He always like to comment and blame his closest family member but in the end he is just exactly as bad as 'him'
So he reminds himself never too late to change as there is still a long journey for him to go

Thursday, December 9, 2010

List to be a better person in terms of way of life, networking and attitude

1. Less talk
2. Use ears to listen
3. Use eyes to observe
4. Do not repeat things for 4 5 times that irritate people
5. Do not open mouth while not talking and also eating, though is hard for me to control XD
6. Do not explain things that is understood by people
7. Ask if you cant understand the message conveyed by other people
8. Do not assume the meaning of the message when you dont get it
9. Do not say bad things about people as people naturally know their own weaknesses
10. Make your own judgment or decision making in your own mind
11. Set your own aims and goals , you are 'master of fate'
12. Ask a good/quality question
13. Create a new style or pattern that you can suit your group of friends
14. Try to adapt to changes while maintaining own value and interest inside your heart
15. Do not be 'over optimistic' sometimes outcomes may be adverse from what we have expected
16.Stay cool and be calm
17. Patience as the medicine for any conflict
and many more..........
These are the things that I could remember so far.......
Thanks to Ng Qing Song, Low Heng Hao, Bryan Lee Ming Tian for the advices.
I certainly do not know how the 'barter system' works but I will do as much as I can XD

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Legenday Warriors

Haha, saber and shana are the warriors that i admire so far. They are pretty skillful in their battle. Saber is also known as 'king arthur' but why the author would have named a girl as a king????? It's weird but people still like her though especially with her bright excalibur sword. Shana is the only red hair warrior girl i saw so far along with her katana. She may seems to be an ordinary school girl. When battling, she can burn her enemy easily in a single blow hit. Do these warriors really exist or just an ideal thinking from the author????? If they are real, this world may be turn up into chaos though they are just female warriors.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Is there perfection in life??

Well,well, well.........................
Everyone has their desire in seeking perfection life........
How much do you know about perfection??
Do you interested in becoming a perfectionist??
Let me tell u about what is perfect in this world.
First of all, what do you want to seek??
Well, if you have a dream, dont day dreaming.
If you want to be confident, just be yourself.
If you want perfect in gaming, go ahead and play for 24 hours and you will be BEYOND GODLIKE!!
If you want perfect academic, just put that effort on.
If you want to have perfect partner, be brave a bit and confess to your partner.
ALL the harvest you get will be perfect as long as you satisfy for what you have done.
Though it is not as perfect as you wanted, as long as you seek your happiness,
somehow ,
you will find that you are becoming more and more perfect to yourself.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My College Life.............

Join in this college after National Service. It was the month of March. At first, we were strangers to each other. As time passes, we start to get closer to know each other. During the whole course in this college, there are friends who actually did their foundations here but they quit to pursue their studies in other college. So sad to have friends departed when we only know for 2 months. However, I continue my foundation programme until the end. During the journey to our external exam on the November 2008, i am glad to have friends to share fun with me together. Almost every week, we hang out together at the cyber cafes and watch movie at sunway pyramid on Friday. I really enjoy the moment together.
What actually bring us to know each other deeper?
The LAN subject.
Though it was quite boring, we manage to keep up a good job in our project especially for the Christmas event held for the underprivileged children.
In that project, we really put quite a lot of effort that I couldnt describe.
However, everything turns well and the kids really enjoy their fun together with us and of course out very special VIP, the director of our foundation programme.
I really appreciate the teamwork and fun together with all my friends.
It will remain as my memory.

Secondary moment.................

This is the picture of my secondary school class. We are the 5S4. Hehe!!!!!
We have been together for 2 years though. We share a very close bond together.
Even for the teachers, they are very touched by us during the graduation day in secondary.
Fun and sadness we have overcomed together will never changed in our memory.