Thursday, December 16, 2010

2nd day of work

Well, Well, Well
Here come s my second day of work
Everything seems to be as usual
Today, I will be emphasizing more on the working culture there
First, I would like to mention on their rules and regulations whereby safety rule is important while working.
If you don't comply to the rule, you will be inviting love letter from HR to warn you and subsequently fire you
Second, I would like to mention about their low power distance there
Although it seems that there are bosses and supervisors just as similar as other corporates, those people in that position seems to be helpful and friendly
The best thing is that you can just call them by their first name instead of using madam and sir
Third, we are allowed to wear smart casual by tomorrow and this comes with the benefits of having 2 hours lunch break which is totally cool for all of the employees there including me as the small intern there for 2 months
Forth, the superiors really have great patience and understanding on their staff
Before assigning real task, they are willing to repeat over and over again just to make things right until I fully understand the proper way to get the job done!!!
Finally, I have a great lunch with people from different department (HR).
Though I dont really know them, they are willing to share their sit for me and talk to me about their tasks and of course with some ice breaking self introduction
Haha, I certainly hope everyday will be as just nice as today, looking forward for tomorrow
May the luck be with me to give me guidance as I am really afraid that I cant handle well the tasks assigned to me XD

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